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2nd Chance Counseling - A New Beginning

Grant Tschetter formed 2nd Chance Counseling with the goal of providing heartfelt counseling to people in need. He hasspecifically chosen each of the counselors that work at 2nd Chance Counseling for their skills and expertise, as well as their heartfelt compassion for people. Each counselor provides a comfortable and open atmosphere in which to gain insights, learn skills, and improve their experience in life.

Everyone needs a second chance in life at times. We hope to help you find this when it is needed, and that you get in touch with us to start a new beginning for yourself.

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Grant Tschetter, LPC

Grant provides individual, couples and group counseling. He works with children, adolescence and adults. Grant’s main goal is to provide a safe place where people can identify, express and experience their own emotions without judgment. Another goal Grant has is to offer each person practical and specific tools that will enable them to deal with their unique issues. His primary focus is to improve individual’s ability to communicate their thoughts/feelings and understand how these thoughts/feelings affect their daily lives. He has experience dealing with conflict resolution, communication, parenting/step-parenting issues, and addictions (gambling, pornography, etc.) anxiety/anger/stress management, grief and loss and self-esteem issues. Grant also offers faith based counseling.

Grant has been a counselor since 1995, earning his master’s degree from Denver Seminary. He started Breakthrough Counseling Center in January of 1995 but has also worked another full time job on the side. He received his LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) in 2001. He has worked in a residential treatment facility as well as running a home based program for a non-profit company.

Grant’s true passion is to help people feel comfortable. This is done by answering questions they may have about him, his education and experience, etc. Grant’s passion is to give people the opportunity to grow from the difficulties they may be experiencing.



Misty Marquez Lozano, MA

As a Registered Psychotherapist in the State of Colorado, Misty Marquez Lozano has a duel master’s degree in marriage and family and professional counseling, and is working toward licensure. Misty has over ten years of experience providing in-home based family preservation services to Department of Human Services’ children and youth: Denver, Arapahoe, Adams, Jefferson and Weld Counties.  Most cases involve trauma, sexual and physical abuse, child neglect and risk out of home placements or reunifications.

Misty has experience in the developmental disability community which include the autism spectrum, ADHD, downs-syndrome, delays, duel diagnosis as well as mental illness and negative behaviors. Experience also with DV, emotional and mental abuse, substance abuse, gangs, parenting issues, lack in life skills and independent living, criminal matters, and non-compliance. Skills include Mental Health Assessments, Safety Planning, recommendations and utilization of various models.  Most commonly used are: strength based, psychoanalytic, structural, post modern approaches, family preservation, MST and AF-CBT, and EMDR dependent on the family needs. Work using DSM-V for criteria and diagnosing.            

Research and implementation experience with utilizing low income assistance for needy individuals and families, i.e. safe shelters, Medicaid, SSI, food stamps, food and clothing banks and financial assistance is an initial assessment. Misty has established and implemented parenting class curriculums in English and Spanish and held groups for truancy matters. Misty maintains and works as a team with professionals such as DHS, schools, medical doctors, probation officers, attorneys, resource agencies and other mental health professionals.  She adheres and promotes state, county and agency policy, procedures, ethical standards and mission goals.

Misty’s passion is to help lead individuals and families toward healthy choices in lifestyles that assist in self empowerment, growth and self sufficiency especially for the survivors of unfortunate circumstances and those in need of direction with confidence in maintaining safety, well being and prosperity.

catherine wilson


Denya Wormenor, LPC

Denya's image of a perfect world would be when all people, big and little, can realize their potential and be brave enough to grab hold of it.  With 15 years experience working with children, youth, adults and families, she has developed a wide range of treatment interventions that are effective in treating the difficulties that bring people to therapy.  She has particular expertise in play based interventions, attachment, parenting, family struggles, and mood related issues, grief/loss, trauma and adjustment. 

As a mental health therapist, she defines her role as an encourager.  She recognizes the uniqueness in every person and compassionately partners with others to help them find their unique answers.  If you are reading this, perhaps you are in a place where you are ready to be brave enough to realize your potential.  If so, she would be honored to help you try and grab it.  

catherine wilson


Keith Hughes, MA

Over the course of 25 years, Keith has traveled in diverse territories within the Mental Health landscape.  He has been privileged to work with adolescents, adult men and couples who may be entangled in  relationship distress, addictions, life transitions or mental health disorders (depression, mood disorders , or personality/behavioral disorders).  In addition, due to his extensive experience and development in ministry, he is equipped to support individuals needing help in spiritual development.  Over the course of 25 years he has been trained and developed in a variety of treatment milieus: Acute Psychiatric Hospitals, Outpatient, Residential Treatment, and Foster Care; and cast in the roles as therapist, program manager or speaker.  It is his approach and deep belief that he is here to help people see the “mess” in their life with clarity and new insight, “moving forward while keeping the past in perspective”.