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Theater of the Soul Group

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Counselor:  Keith Hughes, MA

Do you want to understand more about relationships and how to be your best self in each of them?   We have many types of relationships in life such as intimate partners, parent-child, friend, or family member.  Being our best self in these can enrich our lives and bring peace to the soul.  This group is created to learn about these aspects and discuss how each affects your own relationships:

This group is for: Adults who want to improve relationships in their lives.  Couples are encouraged to attend together (group cost is per individual).

Duration: 75-minute session each week.  Note: leader cycles through topics so if you miss one you could attend a later session on the same topic.

This is a open group

Cost:  $35 per group session; group members are expected to attend at least 6 out of the 7 sessions. 

Date/time:  (TBD)

Call 720-588-2280, or email for more information.